We care about movement quality first and foremost. We want to see people train smart then train hard.  It's a simple task - not an easy one. 

Our commitment and dedication to quality movement is actually annoying.  It’s like a superpower we can’t control (more about superpowers here ). We’re always on the lookout (judging really) for quality movement from the hiking trails of The Great Canadian Shield to grocery store aisles.    


Inconvenient to our own lives and sanity, we’re proud to be movement nerds because being taught to move well is life changing - it’s why we hear “I wish I learned how to do this when I was younger” from our adults and “I can’t wait to play next year” from our youth.


Leuiteant Dan, you got you new legs.

Moving well means less chance of injury - awesome, more potential for big gains – also awesome, and a nicer looking butt - awesomer. 


Taking a big picture perspective though, it means investing in your retirement – no matter how young you start - spending less time in a chair when you're old equals more time traveling and keeping up with the grandkids!

WHY 17?

As a athlete, I wore the number 17 and when I picked up a copy of Napoleon Hill's, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, and read the 'formula' for how to live a successful life which presented itself in Chapter 2 - I was bought in.  

In life, as in the gym, you're only as strong as your weakest link. If you want things to get better you have to address those weaknesses head on and work them into strengths. Simple, not easy.


Using these principles can help you overcome a lot. Using strength training principles can too.  That's why 17 and Barbells 

Read about the 17 Principles of Personal Achievement here.