Found a program on Pinterest, Instagram you want to jump into? Awesome!  We're all for self improvement and we want to make sure you get exactly what you expect from each and every training program.  

First let's make sure of a couple things.... 

1. Do you have any experience with the lifts or movements in the program? 

2. Do you move well enough to benefit from the program? 

3. Do you have to improvise or make any modifications to some of movements on your own? 

4. What tools do you use to measure and evaluate your own progress?

5. Are you thinking about buying a piece of equipment you have never used to be able to complete the program? 

6. Is there a warm up and recovery component in the program or are you left to figure that out on your own? 

7. Is there someone to answer you questions about movements, sets/reps, substitutions or movement modifications? 

8. Is the volume of work too high or too low compared to your current level of fitness?