We're self proclaimed movement nerds and we love helping people figure out how to become better movers so they can do the things they love outside the gym.

Our training philosophy..... 

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A former collegiate baseball athlete, began teaching Physical Education and Health and Biology at the high school level 2007.  For the next 10 years would coach athletes, teach students and train himself competitively in CrossFit.  In 2011 and 2012 he earned invitations to the Canada East CrossFit Regional competition.   


Additional qualifications include CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Football and CrossFit Kids certifications.

As a former educator he takes a special interest in cognitive fitness and the relationship between physical and mental health. He co-authored the book Ignite! Cognitive Enrichment Through Exercise as a result of that passion.

After many years of power lifting and olympic lifting led to some soreness and mobility issues he took on the grueling task of reinventing himself as a athlete.  Studying gymnastics, mobility, kettlebells and endurance training has not only completely transformed his athletic ability and allowed him to get back into lifting but has deepened his coaching philosophy and capacity to train individuals from a variety of backgrounds with an array of fitness goals  


He takes a holistic and very cerebral approach to coaching and teaching, inspiring all his athletes to improve physically and mentally proportionally.  He’s constantly learning from and experimenting with a variety of strength and conditioning programs and relishes in the challenge of creating programs for the unique needs and goals of every individual. 


He lives in Sault Ste. Marie with his wife Dawn, daughter Blake and their three-time winter sled pulling champion Bernese Mountain Dog, Mosby.

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